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The FIS in brief.......
Founded in 1980 by its current managing director, Mr. Salah-Eddine Esquelli, originally from Morocco, after completing his studies at the Faculty of Arts of the University of the Saarland and specialising in translation and interpreting, the FIS equipped itself right from the outset with a qualified and dynamic teaching, translating and interpreting team, in addition to a competent administrative apparatus, which both contribute to creating a structure that extensively takes account of the living languages.

Three whole years were necessary in order to consolidate these structures and create a trademark under which culture and economic viability harmonise with one another. The vocational college for translators and interpreters, the department for general language tuition and the translation and interpreting agency therefore emerged in rapid succession, in addition to the subsidiary INTERAMA-TOURISTIK (visit, which deals with study trips and linguistic travel, plus the organisation of congresses and seminars, wherever the customer wishes.

"language is the noble sword of communication"